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Never Shout Never is easing back into the pop music scene, or as singer Christofer Drew says, “getting our fans excited about the band again.”

The band of young rockers, whose last record was “Sunflower” in 2013, hits Off Broadway Friday night as part of a smaller tour.

“Usually we do a full rock set and rock it out, but we just wanted to do small venues — intimate venues,” he says. “We thought this was a good way to reconnect with diehard fans who’ve been keeping up with us throughout the years.

“The acoustic side is nice, and it’s a good way to get back into the groove — get us back into the swing of things.”

Drew says the title of the new tour, “Mid Winter’s Night’s Dream Acoustik Tour” says it all. The band will strip down a lot of its old songs and a few newer ones. The group’s music dates back to its first full-length album, “What Is Love?” (2010), with an EP just before that.

After rocking out for so long, Drew says taking it down to the basics didn’t come naturally for Never Say Never. But he likes that the songs are more prominent in this format — that they’re no longer “hiding behind screaming guitars. We have to be more precise now with the vocals, more precise with everything. But it’s doable. We can pull it off.”

Next week, Never Shout Never releases “Recycled Youth (Volume One),” the first in a new series of albums. The album reimagines nine previously released songs recorded in new styles, including a new version of “On the Brightside,” which the band made available for streaming.

“The way I see it, a song is never completely finished,” he says. “These songs are from back in the day. We’ve been doing some of them since we were teenagers. We just wanted to do our favorite songs and do it better than the original recordings. And this is sliding us into the new material.”

Easing back into the scene helps pave the way for Never Shout Never’s next album, “Black Cat.”

“We want to make it the best pop record we’ve ever done but still have acoustic sounds on it too,” Drew says. “I’m excited about it. We’ve never gone full pop. But it’s the right thing to do at this point in our career.”

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01 Hey! We Ok

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02 Fone Tag

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03 Red Balloon

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04 Happy New Year

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05 Awkward Conversations (Best Day)

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06 Black Cat

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07 Peace Song

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08 Woohoo

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09 Boom!

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10 All Is Love

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