Jackie Greene - Back To Birth

Back To Birth
Jackie Greene
Yep Roc Records

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We live in such a fast-paced, hectic environment, I wanted to make a record that would invite people to step back and take their time to listen," Jackie Greene says of Back to Birth, his first album in five years. "I wanted to make a record that would reward people who are willing to sit down and give it a couple of serious listens."

Back to Birth - Greene's seventh album and his Yep Roc Records debut - is more than worthy of some serious attention. The 11-song set showcases the multitalented artist's uncanny knack for synthesizing his deep affinity for American roots styles into timeless, personally-charged music. Armed with a persuasive voice, a vivid songwriting skill and an instinctive mastery of several instruments, Greene has carved out a unique musical niche, and the album marks another creative landmark in his already compelling body of work.

Produced by Los Lobos member and frequent Greene collaborator Steve Berlin,Back to Birth underlines Greene's remarkable evolution as a performer and writer. With such new compositions as "Silver Lining," "Trust Somebody," "Now I Can See For Miles," and the stirring title track, the artist's distinctive melodic sensibility is matched with thoughtful, introspective lyrics that confront some profound philosophical issues with plainspoken eloquence.



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01 Silver Lining

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02 Now I Can See For Miles

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03 A Face Among The Crowd

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04 Light Up Your Window

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05 Trust Somebody

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06 Motorhome

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07 Hallelujah

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08 The King Is Dead

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09 Where The Downhearted Go

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10 You Cant Have Bad Luck All The Time

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11 Back To Birth

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