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The highly-anticipated »Repentless« is SLAYER’s 11th studio album, the first since 2009’s critically-acclaimed, Grammy-nominated »World Painted Blood« and the first with producer Terry Date (PANTERA, SLIPKNOT, SOUNDGARDEN). The band - Tom Araya (bass, vocals), Kerry King (guitars), Paul Bostaph (drums) and EXODUS/SLAYER touring guitarist Gary Holt, who recorded lead guitar parts for about a half-dozen of the album’s new tracks - started recording »Repentless« in March 2014, and made the track 'Implode' available as a free download in April of that year. The band and Date continued to record between September 2014 and mid-January 2015 at Henson Studios in Los Angeles. For the album, 'Implode' was completely re-recorded from the ground up, and 'When The Stillness Comes,' used as an instrumental track in a Scion commercial, got a revamped intro and all new vocals.

»Repentless« also includes 'Piano Wire,' an unfinished song from the »World Painted Blood« sessions written by Hanneman. About the track, Rolling Stone wrote that it “…begins with an eerie guitar line before evolving into a full-on-doom (and classic SLAYER) riff onslaught…“ King put it this way: “When I hear it, I think ‘Jeff.’ It sounds like a Jeff Hanneman song.”

The 12-track »Repentless« is, according to those who have heard it, a sonic assault of brutal, ominous, lightening-fast and heavy-as-hell music with lyrics that unmask what SLAYER knows best - the terror, the corruption and the societal turmoil that dominates our world.

“The new album sounds like SLAYER,“ said Araya. “In the past, our fans have always known what to expect, this time they don’t. But we really like it, and I don’t think the fans are going to be disappointed.“

As is expected from SLAYER, the band will support the release of »Repentless« with extensive touring across the globe, beginning this summer when the band headlines the Mayhem Festival. That tour kicks off June, 26th at Sleep Train Amphitheater in San Diego, CA. The complete routing is below.





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01 Delusions Of Saviour

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02 Repentless

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03 Take Control

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04 Vices

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05 Cast The First Stone

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06 When The Stillness Comes

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07 Chasing Death

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08 Implode

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09 Piano Wire

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10 Atrocity Vendor

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11 You Against You

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12 Pride In Prejudice

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