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After months of waiting, and a few days of the hashtag #TAOCT30, Tonight Alive have announced the details of their third studio album.

It’s called ‘Limitless‘, it’s out March 4th 2016 and the first track ‘Human Interaction‘ is out now. What are you waiting for?

“‘Limitless’ is a record that is just as much about redefining boundaries as it is about challenging the illusory concept of boundaries itself. Our mission in both the song writing and recording process was to dissolve all restriction and repression of the mental, physical and spiritual; and grant ourselves an opportunity to be expressive at our highest capacity,” explains Jenna McDougall.

“Following an emotional reaction to our second record ‘The Other Side’ and the healing of its touring cycle, we found the clarity to explore a newfound, centred version of ourselves where creating something meaningful and everlasting was of the highest importance.

”We tore away every formula, structure and safety net we knew to embrace a complete unlearning and evolution. This record shares our journey of harnessing personal power and acts as the long awaited answer to the questions of our previous records.”

Sounds exciting.

The band kick off a world tour in January, taking in Australia, Europe, UK and America. All the dates are below the snazzy poster for the UK leg of the tour, which sees Milk Teeth and Our Last Night supporting.


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01 To Be Free

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02 Oxygen

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03 Human Interaction

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04 Drive

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05 How Does it Feel?

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06 Waves

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07 Everywhere

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08 Power of One

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09 I Defy

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10 We Are

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11 The Greatest

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