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Samuel BrookesÆ soon-to-be released debut album has been greatly

anticipated by fans of London-based Brookes. The folk singer-songwriter

and acoustic guitarist has been recognised by music producers since his

original band, The Volt, won MTVÆs 2008 Get Seen Get Heard talent

contest. When I first watched Samuel play live, he played harmonica

alongside his guitar and in truth, I wasnÆt sure what to expect. As he

began to sing however, I was drawn into his music and couldnÆt help but


His style is reminiscent of female singer-songwriter Laura Marling,

whom is also a great inspiration to Samuel, alongside others such as

Joni Mitchell, James Taylor and John Martin. The musicianÆs songs tell

stories in an uplifting, but serious way and his vocal capabilities

only draw the listener in more. While his own music is written very

personally, this is only until the point when he is performing. This

allows him to bring the audience into his mind and into his music.

Samuel will be releasing his debut album on Helium Records, with an

abundant selection of songs including Travelling Man, telling the

classic story of musical travellers. Hopefully we will see him

travelling around the UK soon, as his plan is to attend a series of

gigs in 2011. His music brings something of the traditional back into

the modern world, but donÆt get the wrong idea; this is very much

something new, independent and perfect for all kinds of music tastes.

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