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The last thing you want to do, in the middle of a fight, is... NOTHING.

Unless, of course, you expect someone bigger to show up and fight for you.

It an upside down principle, or so it seems, but for worship leader and songwriter Aaron Keyes, this is the key to worship, even the key to life itself: eliverance, provision, miraclesverything we pray for in the rough seasons of our livesost often come to pass in the context of praise, worship, sacrifice and abiding in the shelter of the Most High God. ...Everything is wrapped up in our willingness to wait.

For Aaron, worship pastor at Grace Fellowship Church in Snellville, GA for the last eight years, it抯 that waiting room that fuels his passion for and approach to worship. He believes, without reservation, that you can抰 get there (or lead anyone there) without the Word of God. That is why he and his wife, Megan, open their home to disciple young worship leaders for several months out of the year, dedicating their lives to reshaping worship leadership for the next generation.

揥e want to shift what worship leading looks like,� he says, 揻rom worship leaders simply leading songs to worship pastors leading people to knowing God better, to resting our hearts in Him, to expressing our hearts to him梡hysically, instinctively, fully, expressively... not just emotion, passion and excitement, but to declare the promises of God in the Bible with reverence and orthodoxy.�

Never has this calling been more vibrantly displayed than in the songs on Dwell, Aaron抯 second Kingsway recording, set to release June 21. Produced by Stu G (Delirious?) and John Hartley (Matt Redman, Rebecca St. James), Dwell is a modern collection of 13 songs, composed in the battle of the everyday, forged in the fires of sacrifice and sharpened by the iron of Scripture.

揑t doesn抰 seem right that I can go to some of the biggest worship conferences in the world and see some of the biggest worship leaders in the world and no one抯 saying anything about the Bible,� Aaron explains. 揑t makes me nervous because if the Word of God is a lamp to our feet and a light to our path, if we抮e leading without it, we抮e leading people into darkness.�

This mandate, to help restore the Word of God as central to worship, is the constant in Aaron抯 music and what sets him apart from much of the current landscape. The songs of Dwell were pulled from 60-70 anthems that Aaron 憆oad tested� over time. Taking these songs into the studio, Aaron抯 producers John Hartley and Stu G helped handpick the best of these anthems. 揓ohn is so great at identifying and producing songs that connect with congregations,� Aaron explains, 揳nd Stu G lives in these new fresh, artistic sounds, so I think we抳e struck a good balance, with singable melodies that are sonically not as predictable as something we would抳e done years ago.� The result is remarkably different.



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01 O My Soul

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02 I Am Not The Same

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03 Sovereign Over Us

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04 Song Of Moses

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05 Dwell

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06 In The Name Of God

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07 Only Just Begun

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08 Sinless Savior

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09 Life Without My God

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10 Raised Me Up

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11 Every Knee Will Bow Down

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12 Hope Is Dawning

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13 Lavish Your Love

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