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Mariam "Manna" Jäntti, born in Paris to a Finnish mother and an Algerian father, now based in Helsinki Finland.

Following the UK/Finnish release of Manna’s critically acclaimed album: Songs Of Hope And Desire in early 2010, Manna has been working on new material and will be recording with producer Alain Johannes (Artic Monkeys, QOTSA, Mark Lanegan, No Doubt) in spring 2011 for the release of a new album in October 2011.

Mixing influences that pass decades, Manna effortlessly combines musical elements from psychedelic bluesy rock and dreamy folk to beautiful pop melodies, creating a unique, experimental and powerful sound. She has already garnered great attention among the UK press and industry and has been picked up by the likes of Mojo, The Sunday Times Culture, Q magazine, Record of The Day, MTV UK, Classic Rock Magazine and Myspace editorial.

MUSE selected Manna to support the band in Finland in the summer of 2010, and in December 2010, she was personally chosen by Melissa auf der Maur to be the main support on her Scandinavian tour.

In 2010, also under her belt rave reviewed appearances at the biggest showcase festivals in Europe: Eurosonic and By:Larm, a UK tour with shows at Club NME, and performances at The Great Escape and Secret Garden Party Festivals.

In Manna's own words: " I am not interested in creating anything except heartfelt music, it can be either beautiful or just plain aggressive - often both. Anyway, there should be no rules when it comes to making music, it's when you let go of them and follow your intuition that it starts getting interesting. Sound is god and I love music."


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01 Lead Me

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02 Wishing Well

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03 World Within You

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04 Shackles

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05 Soul To Keep

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06 Silent

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07 Battleships

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08 Take It Or Leave It

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09 Drumming Song

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10 Unilintu (A La Puerta Del Cielo)

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