Neil Young - This Note's For You

This Note's For You
Neil Young

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This Note's for You is an album originally credited to Neil Young and the Bluenotes, released in 1988. Most of the album's concept centered around the commercialism of rock and roll, and tours in particular (the title track is a social commentary on concert sponsorship). The music is marked by the use of a horn section.

The video for the title track famously included a Michael Jackson look-alike whose hair catches fire. The video parodied corporate rock, the pretensions of advertising and Michael Jackson in particular. It was initially banned by MTV (although the Canadian music channel, MuchMusic ran it immediately) before being put into heavy rotation and finally given the MTV Video Music Award for Best Video of the Year for 1989.

Since Harold Melvin, founder of the R&B group Harold Melvin and the Blue Notes, took legal action against Young over use of the "Bluenotes" name, the album is now credited as a Neil Young solo recording. The backup band Young used for this album was renamed "Ten Men Workin'" (after the album's lead-off song).

The cover of this album is reportedly a photo taken in the back lane of the 200 block of Main Street Winnipeg, which housed the Blue Note Cafe. Neil was known to play unannounced in the Blue Note Cafe while in Winnipeg.[citation needed]

A legendary outtake, Ordinary People, was finally released by Young in 2007.

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01 Ten Men Workin'

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02 This Note's For You高清MV

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03 Coupe De Ville

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04 Life In The City

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05 Twilight

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06 Married Man

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07 Sunny Inside

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08 Can't Believe Your Lyin'

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09 Hey Hey

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10 One Thing

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