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Someone To Watch Over Me
Susan Boyle

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英国达人第三季的亚军,苏珊大妈的前两张专辑《I Dreamed a Dream》和《The gift》在14个月内,在全球的销量超过了1400万张。而在今年11月,她的第三张专辑《Someone To Watch Over Me》又要与公众见面了。除此之外,英国独立电视台(ITV)还会在此之前推出一部关于苏珊大妈的纪录片。

She shot to fame when she appeared on Britain's Got Talent and has since made millions thanks to her truly incredible voice.

Now, after her first two albums I Dreamed a Dream and The Gift dominated global charts selling over 14 million copies in 14 months, Susan Boyle is back with her highly-anticipated new album Someone To Watch Over Me.

On the new album, due for release on Monday 7th November, Susan has specifically chosen songs that emotionally reflect the life stories of the people who have written her fan letters from around the world.

And bosses will no doubt be hoping Someone To Watch Over Me will have the same success of her two previous albums, which both went to number one in over 30 countries smashing music records around the world.

Meanwhile, Susan has been keeping fans on tenterhooks about the new record.

She teased them by writing on her Facebook page earlier this month: 'I’ve had an exciting few days in London, finishing the album with some personal touches and some filming.

'I can’t tell you quite yet what it was for but it’s an exciting surprise and you will be the first to know.'

And fans will also be treated to a glimpse into the life of the now world-famous singer in a new ITV1 fly-on-the-wall documentary, which is set to air ahead of the release of the new album.

An insider said: 'Despite the fact she's had this enormous success in record sales, she wanted to show her fans she's still the same Susan.

'She still lives in the same house and has a normal life. Since the beginning of 2011, she has been filmed for a fly-on-the-wall documentary about her life.'

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01 You Have to Be There高清MV

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02 Unchained Melody高清MV

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03 Enjoy the Silence高清MV

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04 Both Sides, Now

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05 Lilac Wine

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06 Mad World高清MV

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07 Autumn Leaves高清MV

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08 This Will Be the Year

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09 Return

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10 Someone to Watch Over Me

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