Korn - The Serenity of Suffering

The Serenity of Suffering
Roadrunner Records

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Korn第12张录音室专辑 - The Serenity of Suffering将于10月21日由“跑路者”公司发行,新专将由金牌制作人Nick Raskulinecz担纲,乐队也请来了“SLIPKNOT”的Corey Taylor 一同合作新歌"A Different World"。

KORN will release its new album, "The Serenity Of Suffering", on October 21. The follow-up to 2013's "The Paradigm Shift" was helmed by Grammy Award-winning producer Nick Raskulinecz, who has previously worked with FOO FIGHTERS, DEFTONES, MASTODON and RUSH, among others. The CD features a guest appearance by SLIPKNOT frontman Corey Taylor on the song "A Different World".

"The Serenity Of Suffering" marks the band's return to Roadrunner, which previously released 2010's "Korn III - Remember Who You Are" and 2011's "The Path Of Totality".

The cover art for "The Serenity Of Suffering" was created by acclaimed artist Ron English. It depicts a teenage KORN fan at a dystopian acid-nightmare funfair who is clutching a disembowelled and skeletal version of the doll who adorned 1999's "Issues".

"The Serenity Of Suffering" marks the second KORN album since the return of guitarist Brian "Head" Welch, who said, "This is a record to me that the intensity of KORN is back, and the live energy. Raw energy is there."

“Rotting in Vain”, It’s the first single from their new album, “The Serenity Of Suffering“, KORN frontman Jonathan Davis told Rolling Stone about the track: "'Rotting In Vain' was written about being in that black place, being in situations that I don't like in life — be it relationships, or feeling when you're stuck and you're just being abused or you don't like where you're at, and you just sit there and rot. It takes you years and years to figure out how to claw your way out. That's where 'Rotting In Vain' came from. I'm just sitting there, fucking dying and letting it happen for years and years and not helping myself to get out of that place. That's the vibe that inspired the song."

KORN's co-headlining tour with ROB ZOMBIE, "Return Of The Dreads", kicked off on July 19 in Englewood, Colorado. That trek winds down on September 3 in Bristow, Virginia.

KORN will also hit the road this fall with co-headliners BREAKING BENJAMIN for the "Nocturnal Underground Tour", which will kick off on September 24 in Fargo, North Dakota and run through late October.

Korn 2016 is Jonathan Davis (vocals), James “Munky” Shaffer (guitar), Brian “Head” Welch (guitar), Reginald “Fieldy” Arvizu (bass) and Ray Luzier (drums).

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01 Insane

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02 Rotting In Vain

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03 Black Is the Soul

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04 The Hating

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05 A Different World - Korn&Corey Taylor

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06 Take Me

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07 Everything Falls Apart

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08 Die Yet Another Night

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09 When You're Not There

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10 Next in Line

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11 Please Come for Me

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12 Baby

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13 Calling Me Too Soon

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