Van Morrison - Keep It Simple

Keep It Simple
Van Morrison
布鲁斯 , 民歌 , 爵士
Lost Highway

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北爱尔兰民谣教父Van Morrison新砖,《Keep it Simple》是Morrison加盟Lost Highway之后的第二张专辑,也是他近七年以来第一张自己包办全部歌曲创作的专辑。

Keep It Simple is the thirty-third studio album recorded by Northern Irish singer/songwriter Van Morrison. It is due to be released on March 17, 2008 by Exile Productions Ltd./Polydor in the U.K.. and on the Lost Highway Records label on April 01, 2008 in the U.S.. His last studio album Pay the Devil was also released on the Lost Highway label in March 2006.

This is the first studio album of all new original material since his 1999 album Back on Top. Other albums released since then have contained some cover songs. The May 2005 album, Magic Time was comprised of 10 originals and 3 cover songs.

Morrison wrote all eleven songs to be featured on the album and has been quoted as saying: "I felt I had something to say with these songs."

The album features most of the various genres that Morrison has been influenced by such as jazz, folk, blues, celtic, country, soul and gospel.

In an interview on BBC4 Radio on March 10, 2008, Morrison spoke of his inspiration for the songs on the album: "Its got elements of blues, folk, gospel all my influences - Curtis Mayfield. Its got a lot of inspiration from various things I was inspired by out there but it comes out like a new album."

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01 How Can A Poor Boy高清MV

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02 School Of Hard Knocks

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03 That's Entrainment

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04 Don't Go To Nightclubs Anymore

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05 Lover Come Back

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06 Keep It Simple

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07 End Of The Land

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08 Song Of Home

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09 No Thing

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10 Soul

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11 Behind The Ritual

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