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Wind Up Toys
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Capdown were a big part of the UK ska-punk scene back in 2000 with massive supporting tours for some huge American acts like Reel Big Fish, Bad Religion and Less Than Jake. Word was soon spreading about the best thing to happen to British ska-punk in a long time; then as they seemingly hit the top of their game paying festivals and clipping the heels of the US invasion they simply stopped!

Now with the release of Wind-Up Toys they're back! What better way to come back with a fresh new sound and line up? With the addition of Eddie on keyboards/samples the new improved Capdown seem to be back and they've brought something with them, angry tunes, crunching riffs and a great new sound.

Some tracks retain the old ska sound like 'No Matter What' and 'Blood Sweat And Fears' that made the Milton Keynes four piece a household name but the majority of the album sees the new rockier Capdown influence. Title track 'Wind-Up Toys' and 'Surviving The Death Of A Genre' both benefit greatly from the new sound with their rockier angry edge especially 'Surviving The Death Of A Genre' which remarks on the demise of the ska scene.

For fans of "Old School" Capdown might be a little confused both in terms of sound and production, with production by Hundred Reasons' Larry Hibbitt the whole CD is mastered to perfection with every beat, every note hitting home perfectly I can almost feel every sound. Be sure and check out Wind-Up Toys when in February when it hits the shelves and for true Capdown lovers check out the full UK tour also in February.



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01 Truly Dead

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02 Blood, Sweat & Fears

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03 Wind Up Toys

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04 Terms And Conditions Apply

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05 Surviving The Death Of A Genre

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06 No Matter What

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07 Thrash Tuesday

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08 Generation Next

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09 Keeping Up Appearances

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10 Strictly Business

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11 Community Service

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12 Home Is Where The Start Is

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