Brandi Carlile - The Story (Advance)

The Story (Advance)
Brandi Carlile
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Brandi Carlile的歌声很像咖啡,听了容易上瘾。她没有eman的温柔,很多时候她都很像在呐喊,故事一个一个的说下去,听的人痛苦,唱的人也很累,但我们就这样不知不觉的从她的歌声里找到了出口。“All of these lines across my face / Tell you the story of who i am / So many stories of where i've been / And now i've got to where i am.....”这么歇斯底里的情感让我想起at17刚出道诠释“旋涡”的那种重重的唱法。。。沉重得可怕。

所以,如果今天你决定放弃at17一天,那么去听一听Brandi Carlile吧,或许她的音乐会更适合你今天的心情。

如果说Brandi Carlile的声音太像咖啡的话,那paolo nutini就像是一个在酒吧里唱了太多年歌的摇滚歌手。这么年轻,声音却偏偏那么成熟,情感和经验完全不成对比。一个月前我重复的播着他的歌,只为了那句“These streets have too many names for me / I'm used to Glenfield Road and spending my time down in Orchy / I'll be used to these eventually / I know....”

有时候不为什么,只为了一些情谊结,如一句一针见血的歌词。这是多么的愚蠢。。。 (文@shini)

The Brandi Carlile story so far is fairly short: fresh-faced singer-songwriter from rural Ravensdale, Washington, quietly releases a 2005 debut that has critics and fans reaching for their thesauruses searching for appropriate adjectives to describe her voice. Patsy Cline, Jeff Buckley, kd lang, Beth Orton, Linda Ronstadt, and Aimee Mann get name-checked as Carlile and her guitar-and-bass-playing Hanseroth twins-led band criss-cross the country for two years, first as openers, then as headliners. Cue the overproduced, disappointing follow-up album? Not so fast. On The Story, Carlile teams up with veteran roots producer T Bone Burnett, who brings in vintage equipment and strips down her sound. Instead of using overdubs, the new songs--most of which were already road-tested--are recorded live, giving the ballads and midtempo rockers a tough, uncompromising edge and a fuller, more aggressive attack. Echoes of country and folk color the bucolic "Have You Ever" and the unadorned acoustic "Cannonball," but it's the sweeping drama of the more epic-sounding "Until I Die," "Late Morning Lullaby," and the U2-styled "My Song" that leave the greatest lasting impressions. Carlile and Burnett make a perfect team: he allows her malleable voice room to soar in the mix while she brings sharp original songs that exude confidence, pride, and emotion. It's a combustive combination and one that results in a sophomore release every bit as good, and in many respects better, than her first. Stay tuned as the story continues. -- Hal Horowitz



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01 Late Morning Lullaby

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02 Story

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03 Turpentine高清MV

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04 My Song

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05 Wasted

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06 Have You Ever

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07 Josephine

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08 Losing Heart

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09 Cannonball

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10 Until I Die

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11 Downpour

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12 Shadow on the Wall

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13 Again Today

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