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Beautiful Falling
Asher Lane

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Back to band traditions, intense song writing and genuine rock: "Asher Lane" five young musicians from Berlin and Hamburg who have joined forces and broken lose from any chains and have begun work on their own personal deliverance.

Beyond short-dated trends these excellent instrumentalists achieve their idea of truthful and beauteous rock songs: "we aim for moments with strong emotions for the audience and for us" claims singer and front man Finn.

Music that touches the heart: no tricks, no faking, focused: "old amplifier, Fender Rhodes and go for it!" is how Finn likes to describe Asher Lanes golden rules.

Finn, Philipp, Anthony, Sonja and Marco found each other over the course of several band sessions and at some point they realized it's time to unite as a band and find out how far they can take it.

They were all rich on experience playing in several bands and being involved in numerous projects, but from the very first moment in this constellation they came across an amazing energy: "It just fits!"

It all began to role, a producer was found, now the baby just needed a name.

Finn amused: "Last autumn Florian (producer) and I were in Los Angeles at a songwriter meeting. We had such a blast that we spontaneous extended our trip for some 'Fear & Loathing' in Las Vegas. After a mad night out we ended up having a well needed breakfast in a small deli in a road called "Asher Lane". Since then "Asher Lane" is our pseudonym for rock'n'roll!"

Back in Berlin everything became more serious and Asher Lane began with intensive rehearsing, song writing and hit the road for their first shows. From this point on progress accelerated. Asher Lane attracted the attention of a management who established contact to Warner Music, who offered a contract right of the bat.

After the successful release of their first single "New Days" which hit the charts not only in Germany and featured a surprising additional version: while in the studio they bumped into 'The Strokes' producer Gordon Raphael who recorded a monster "New Days" alternative version.

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01 Explain

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02 Agony of love

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03 New days

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04 Over our heads

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05 Hold on

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06 Save your heart

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07 Waiting for something

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08 Inside my head

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09 44 words for misery

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10 Running in circles

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11 To fall asleep might mean to fall apart

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12 Back to the end

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13 Easy to be free

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