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Kayla is a singer, songwriter, and guitarist from Cypress, Texas. Born with a natural talent for writing and performing, Kayla has been described as fearless and passionate about sharing her craft. She started singing at the age of 3, picked up her dad’s guitar and taught herself to play at the young age of 10, then started writing her own music at 12. Kayla’s passion to write and perform has her now spending time between Nashville and Texas- working with Grammy Award winning co-writers, such as Billy Dean, Brian White, Karyn Williams, Kyle Hutton, Marcus Eldridge, Trent Willoman, and several more. Grounded by her faith in God, love of family, and fearless nature, Kayla is a humble young lady who makes the most of every opportunity to connect with fellow writers, and to play for a crowd. She recently finished shooting her first music video for her new iTunes release, “Memory for Two”- a song written about her grandfather who recently died of Alzheimer’s. “Memory for Two” was co-written with Brian White (Dove Award winner, 14 #1 songs, including “Watching You” – Rodney Atkins, songs recorded by Trace Atkins, Kix Brooks, Point of Grace, Mandisa, Gary Allen, Neal McCoy, and more) and Karyn Williams (Inpop Recording Artist, Billboard’s 2012 “Best Bet”, #1 “Rest in The Hope”).

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01 Ride

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02 Still Isn't Over

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03 Jump Start

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04 Memory for Two

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05 Best Bad News

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