[ti:I Am In Love] [ar:沙宝亮] [al:沙宝亮] [offset:500] [03:50.84][00:02.62]沙宝亮:I Am In Love [03:48.00][01:41.38][00:06.93] [00:09.79]There is a song come from far away. [00:17.09]You have been taking over me. [00:24.31]Make a cup of tea, sit apposite me. [00:31.76]A little candle light shine on your face. [03:35.20][00:38.36] [02:10.10][00:39.05]This is the world left you and me. [02:17.22][00:46.16]Touch your body with tenderness. [02:24.44][00:53.11]Take a look at me, a man that you need. [02:31.60][01:01.34]The circle of love, I believe. [02:37.13][01:08.35] [03:08.45][02:38.87][01:11.22]You're the sun that means to me. [03:15.78][02:45.83][01:18.39]I'm ready to make love with you all night long. [03:22.52][02:52.20][01:25.06]Your eyes are deep and blue. [03:37.44][03:29.44][02:59.61][01:32.19]I'm in love with you.