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01 Girl Singing in the Wreckage

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02 Ideal Home

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03 Hated Sunday

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04 The Facts of Life

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05 Straight Life

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06 Andrew Ridgley

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07 England Made Me

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08 New Baby Room

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09 It's Only the End of the World

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10 Child Phychology

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Black Box Recorder were an English indie rock group. They debuted in 1998 with England Made Me and followed this up with The Facts of Life, which gave them their first hit with the single of the same name in April 2000. Their third albumPassionoia, was released in 2003. There is also a compilation albumThe Worst of Black Box Recorder, a collection of B-sidescover versions and remixes.

Musically, the group was influenced by ambient music, English Rock and Roll and French electronic groups such asAir. However the lyrics to these lush and romantic melodies are frequently bleak, ironic or sarcastic: obvious influences are Ray DaviesMorrissey, and Pulp. The video for single "The Art of Driving" depicted the band as crash test dummies.

Black Box Recorder were Sarah NixeyLuke Haines (of The Auteurs), and John Moore (formerly of The Jesus and Mary Chain). Moore and Nixey married in 2001, and have one child, although they were divorced in 2006.

Although no official announcement of the band's split was announced, Black Box Recorder was on hiatus during the mid 2000s. The band collaborated with Art Brut during 2007, and released the single "Christmas Number One" under the name The Black Arts. In October 2008 the band played live at the Nick Sanderson (Earl Brutus, The Jesus And Mary Chain) tribute concert at The Forum, London.

In late 2008 it was announced that the band would be playing a gig

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