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Luke Rathborne is 22 years old. He moved to New York from the deep woods & shallow waters of Brunswick, Maine in August, 2006, staying on his brother's couch deep inside the upper burroughs, before moving into the darkness of the Charlie Pineapple Theater Company on North 8th, an abandoned theater loft in Brooklyn - he's since left for higher ground and has been living in and around Brooklyn ever since... PRESS: Village Voice: .."strange... melancholic" " Bob Dylan, Lou Reed or Will Oldham, why should you expect anything else but constant haunting, and engaging development. Just note it will be something to see." - Interview Magazine -.. "Discovery Artist" Filter Magazine -.."A young man of 21, Luke Rathborne has already defied odds" L Magazine: "With melancholy on par with Elliott Smith and melodies that recall John Lennon, Luke Rathborne cements his place in the "one to watch" division."