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01 Guardians

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02 The Declaration

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03 Autumn Rain

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04 Hearth

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05 Tears Of A Nation

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来自苏格兰的金属乐队 Atmospheric Folk/Celtic//Black Metal from Scotland. 成员:Andy Ml Saor, meaning "Free" in Scottish and Irish Gaelic, is a one-man atmospheric celtic metal band from Glasgow, Scotland formed in 2012 by Andy Marshall. Saor’s sound is a blend of styles influenced by: scottish folk, atmospheric black metal and post-rock, using traditional celtic folk instruments such as tin whistle, bagpipes and bodhrán together with the raw power and emotion of black metal and atmospheric elements of post-rock. Lyrically the band deals with themes such as: Scottish Heritage, Highland nature/landscapes and sorrow, influenced by a deep connection to the Scottish Highlands and it’s culture and history. As well as composing original lyrics, some are derived from the works of famous Scottish poets. The band is currently signed to German label Northern Silence Productions. Discography: "Roots" (2012) / re-released by Northern Silence Productions on CD and Vinyl in 2014. "Aura" (2014) / released by Northern Silence Productions on CD, limited Digipak and vinyl.