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01 Like A Moth To A Flame

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02 Delusions

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03 Earthbound

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04 A Ghost Trapped In Limbo

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05 Saudade

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06 In The Wake Of Moments Passed By

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07 Wistful

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For Norwegian multi-instrumentalist Sylvaine it was never a question of what she wanted to do in life. Music was always a fundamental part of her, something she could not live without, which made her choice of path clear. After many years of playing music, studying music and working in the music business, SYLVAINE felt the need to create a more personal project, were she was completely free to express profound feelings and troubles from within. In 2013, SYLVAINE finally decided that it was the perfect time to start a new chapter of her musical journey, something that eventually led to the release of her debut album ‘Silent Chamber, Noisy Heart’ (2014). Ambient wall-of-sound landscapes, with a focus on beautiful melodies, lingering guitar riffs and atmospheres are underlined by a solid groove. Sylvaine’s music and lyrics are inspired by life seen as a constant conflict with oneself, haunted by numerous emotions that seemingly will never be laid to rest. Melancholic tones color the auditory side as well as the visual side of the project, revealing the eternal longing for something more residing within the music. Sylvaine is the artist’s outlet for all this and serves as an emotional catharsis, leading her on a quest to explore profound sensations and concerns within herself – sometimes dealing with questions where the answers seem vague, empty or absent. Serving as the composer, recording engineer, producer and musician of all instruments herself, Sylvaine created her critically acclaimed debut ‘Silent Chamber, Noisy Heart’ only with the aid of British mixing engineer Nick Terry and Ray Staff for mastering at Air Studios. Her successful self-release scored not only excellent reviews, interviews and worldwide features in the music press but also landed Sylvaine on a support slot of shoegazers Alcest in South America in September 2014. Sylvaine is the sole member of the project for the studio recordings, but will be joined by three other musicians to bring the music from her two albums alive on stage. The band is set to embark on their first tours in 2016 after the release of the upcoming album. The recordings for Sylvaine’s sophomore album were completed in the French Drudenhaus Studios in spring 2015. It will be mixed and mastered by the same team as her first full-length during autumn and winter of 2015. The album will feature selected guests and will be out on Season of Mist in 2016. Line-up Sylvaine: vocals, synthesizers, guitars, bass, drums, percussion