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01 Trouble With Love

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02 Every Time - Ameriie&Fabolous

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03 Thru The Stars

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04 Sing About It

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05 Take The Blame

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06 Out Loud

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美妙的节奏蓝调旋律,包裹住Hip-Hop的节拍,并透过一个独特的嗓音来传递,这就是Amerie的音乐所赋予听者的深刻感受。 获上天所特別眷顾、兼具了美貌与智慧,毕业于乔治城大学,年仅22岁卻已随家人周游过列国的Amerie,她温暖、风趣的特质,令她一出道就在新人济济的乐坛中予人清新的气息、脱颖而出。除此之外,她甜美、活泼、热情、稍微带坏女孩气息的嗓音,更是她进军乐坛的致胜武器,就此,她的首支单曲“Why Don't We Fall In Love”便是最好的例证。这首包裹着暗潮汹涌般的丰富情感,传递着渴望寻求心灵伴侶与梦想的人相爱之讯息的作品,在Amerie稳若磐石的声音推进下,甫推出就立刻在乐界引起不断的回响,不仅在排行榜上的席次大幅快速地挺进,更让大家对她的此首张专辑《All I Have》投以极大的并注与期待。 由当红制作人兼词曲作家Rich Harrison费时两年为Amerie所量身打造的首张专辑《All I Have》,意图创造宣洩出一种声音,粗糙有颗粒之外卻又带有滑順的旋律,美丽卻又強韧,独树一格卻带着充分的熟悉亲切感足以立即吸引住听众,缔创专辑榜Top9佳绩。首支单曲“Why Don't We Fall In Love”,一举拿下节奏蓝调榜Top9,而以如影随形的金属吉他声、鲜明的节奏及Ameries 仰扬頓挫且轻快的嗓音所架构成的单曲“Talkin' To Me”,滑順而带有爵士风味的抒情曲“Nothin' Like Loving You”,以及情绪高昂,高音绕樑的“I Just Died”,Amerie已证明了她确实成功地创造出结合了美丽的乐音以及Hip-Hop坚硬节拍,独特卻引人入胜的动人音乐。 Singer Amerie is the daughter of a Korean mother and an African-American father who was a career military member. She grew up on bases from Alaska to Germany, meanwhile gaining an appreciation of the classical arts from her mother and of R&B music from her father. She studied dance from an early age and performed in talent contests throughout her youth. After her high school graduation, her family finally settled down in Virginia, while she began to attend Georgetown University, from which she later graduated with a degree in English and fine arts. While living in Washington, D.C., she met producer Rich Harrison, who worked with such performers as Mary J. Blige, and began developing demos with him. They led to a deal with Rise Entertainment and, in turn, Columbia Records. In the spring of 2002, Rise/Columbia released Amerie's debut single, "Why Don't We Fall in Love." By the time her first album, All I Have, appeared that July, the single had reached the Top 20 of the R&B/hip-hop charts and the Top 40 of the pop charts. Her follow-up, Touch, was released in 2005, peaking at number five on the Billboard album chart while yielding the number one single "1 Thing." Because I Love It, her third album, followed in 2007.