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01 Across The Earth

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02 Social Currency

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03 Farewell Rocketship

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04 Skeleton Dance

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05 Seasons Changing

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06 Marie Marie Pt 2

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07 Chosen Armies

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08 Cannibal

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09 We Live In Fear

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10 Economy

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Children Collide is an Australian indie rock band from Melbourne, Australia. The band consists of drummer Ryan Caesar, bassist Heath Crawley, and vocalist/guitarist John Mackay. Their debut album, The Long Now was released on 11 October 2008 and was produced by David Sardy.

Children Collide appeared for the first time in a Triple J Hottest 100 with one entry in the 2008 countdown; "Farewell Rocketship" at number 66.

The trio appeared at Triple J's One Night Stand 2009 held in Sale, Victoria, Australia, alongside Hilltop HoodsEskimo Joe and The Butterfly Effect. Their song Social Currencywas the theme song for the Nine Network's Friday Night Football coverage of the NRL.

Children Collide appeared at the second annual Coaster Music Festival on 12 September 2009, at Gosford Showground on the NSW Central Coast. They appeared alongside Eskimo Joe,Bliss N EsoDoes It Offend You, Yeah?Van She and British India.

Their track "Skeleton Dance", remixed by Ladytron, has been included in a downloadable soundtrack for the EA Sports game FIFA 10.

The band premiered their single "Jellylegs" with The Doctor on Triple J. It had premiered on the Thursday May 20, 2010 show.

The band claims that Video Hits will not play the music video for "Jellylegs" because it is "too graphic".

The band appeared twice more in the Triple J Hottest 100, 2010&n