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01 Pimp My Life

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02 Everybody Hates Me

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03 This Time

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04 Where'd All The Scene Girls Go

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05 Notice Me

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06 Solid Gold

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07 We've Got Tonite

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08 Make It Stop

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09 Hello World

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10 Be All That

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The Crash Moderns are an American power-pop band based in New York City, consisting of Danny Roselle on Vox/ Guitar/ Synth, akaTRENT on Bass/Vox Mikey Vranek on Guitar, Vox, Keys and Paolo Dell'Olio on Drums. In 2008 they released their debut album Good Night Glamour, Good Morning Disaster' and are currently working on material for a followup.

They have opened for such bands as The Goo Goo DollsBowling for SoupAmerican Hi-Fi, The Spill Canvas The Pink SpidersEve 6,Live, and Lifehouse . Their biggest gig was opening for Bon Jovi. In 2008, they toured the U.S. including playing the South by Southwest music festival.

Influences cited by the band include The BeatlesThe CarsThe DescendentsWeezerJimmy Eat WorldElvis CostelloMotion City Soundtrack, and Cheap Trick. Music writers have compared their sound to that of Marvelous 3, Cheap Trick, Green Day, and Elvis Costello.

Before The Crash Moderns, frontman Danny Roselle (born Daniel William Roselle on August 19, 1981) was in the band No Soap Radio, known for their music on The Sopranos. He is also an occasional fill in member of the band Dramarama.

Joe Trent, has played with many notable acts including Jersey favorites Lady Radiator. He is well known for his Gaming blog on YouTube under the name "akaTRENT".

Paolo Dell'olio was a previously a member of Milan Italy based band, The New Story. (EMI)

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