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01 Crushin'高清MV

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Before Bush Hawg signed-on as the newest group with RCA Records Nashville, the six-man band had a few lines on their website that described their music like this: “A blend of backwoods, blue collars, bar fights and bibles, wrapped in an American flag and washed down with whiskey. You’ll feel as if you’ve just been pistol whipped, then given a keg of beer to help ease the pain.” And record deal or not, that in-your-face blast of personality still says a lot about the sound, the style, and the attitude of good times and great music that define Bush Hawg. Running the roll call, Bush Hawg is Craig Hand (lead singer), Shaun Ames (acoustic guitar, banjo, and mandolin), Russ Caldwell (rhythm and lead guitar), Ben Helton (bass and background vocals), Jim Phipps (drums), and Alex Wilshire (rhythm and lead guitar). While music brought them together, their camaraderie is more than that of a band: it’s the spirit of a brotherhood. The guys are great