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In January 2014, Kelvin Jones’ friend posted his song Call You Home on Reddit where it received more than a million views in 24 hours. US breakfast TV show Good Morning America subsequently played the song on the show and almost overnight, he caught the attention of major record labels, eventually signing with Epic & Four Music, a joint venture with Sony Music. Growing up in Zimbabwe, Kelvin moved with his parents to Stevenage, UK when he was nine. Five years ago he began teaching himself to play guitar by watching BB King videos on YouTube, who he holds as his biggest influence alongside Buddy Guy and John Mayer. Having already debuted Closer, his debut album Stop The Moment, recorded in Berlin, will be released shortly. The record showcases a mixture of simple pop melodies, infectious songwriting and beautiful, soulful vocals. Following a tour of Germany in September, Kelvin will be available for festivals (both international and domestic) in 2016, with a UK tour anticipated in March.