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序号 歌曲

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01 Seinneam Cliù Nam Fear Ùr

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02 Him Bò

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03 Don'T You Go

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04 Oran Sugraidh

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05 The Quimper Waltz

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06 Leadhasach An Tir Chein

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07 Turas An Ànraidh

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08 The Aphrodisiac

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09 Barra Clapping Song

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10 Soldier Boy

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Capercaillie is a Scottish folk band, founded in the 1980s by Donald Shaw and fronted byKaren Matheson. They have seen four of their albums placed in the UK Albums Chart, and continue to prerform and record to the present day.

The group originates from Argyll, a region of western Scotland and is named after theWestern CapercaillieTetrao urogallus, a bird native to Scotland. 

The band recorded its first album, Cascade, in 1984.

Their 1992 EPA Prince Among Islands, was the first Scottish Gaelic-language record to reach the Top 40 of the UK Singles Chart, peaking at #39. Another of their singles, "Dark Alan (Ailein duinn)" reached #65 in the same listing in June 1995.

The albums Secret People (1993) reached #40, and To the Moon (1995) peaked at #41 in theUK Albums Chart.

They have adapted traditional Gaelic songs and music using modern production techniques, and often mix musical forms, such as one song which combined traditional lyrics withdrum and bass.