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01 Do What You Say You're Gonna Do

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02 You Rock My Rodeo

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03 Runnin' outta Lipstick

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04 You Keep Me Smilin'

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05 I'm Sick of It

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Jessica Crawford is singer, songwriter and small town girl. Originally from Bridgewater, Virginia, she now resides in Nashville, Tennessee. The move was inspired by an opportunity to develop her music while serving as an inner city missionary for Provision International. Jessica's latest mission is to Love Out Loud through music, ministry and missions. Love Out Loud partners with churches and mission organizations all over the country to share the passionate love of Jesus Christ both inside and outside of church walls. Jessica released her first solo album, Shine, in 2010 and has been serious about making music ever since. Through her work with Provision International, she has been able to use her musical gifts in a wide range of environments - everywhere from Music City stages to the streets of inner-city Nashville and even to the walls of Riverbend Prison, where she encouraged inmates in their faith. Jessica has also collaborated with other talented musicians, including Katie Grove Swartzendruber for the 2003 release of Katie & Jessica: A Collection, as well as songwriter and producer Scott MacLeod, founder of Provision International and HarvestSound. She now has her sights set on writing for a new project that will reflect her heart for worship.