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01 Mala dira v hlave

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Daniel Landa (born 4 November 1968) is a Czech musician, actor and racer. Born in Prague, Landa began his musical career in 1987 when he along with David Matásek founded the oi! band Orlík. He graduated from the Prague Conservatory in the area of Music and Drama. After the breakup of the band in 1992 he began his solo career. Daniel lives with his wife Mirjam Müller since 1990. They have a daughter Anastázie and twin daughters Roxana and Rozálie. He used to be interested in autocross, now he's interested in rallying. In 2003, collaborating with Roman Kresta, he founded the Malina foundation, which promotes safe driving.[citation needed] After 3 years of the last tour Landa is planning a new tour named Vozová hradba.