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01 Sommar (Original Piggelin Mix)

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02 Kardemumma

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03 Vanilj

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04 Back To Life (Sunshine)

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05 Back To Life (Sunshine) (Sebastian Gudding Remix)

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06 Live It Up

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Bakery were an Australian progressive, hard rock band formed in 1970 in Perth. The original line-up was Hank Davis on drums (ex-Avengers, a New Zealand band), Mal Logan on keyboards (ex-Rebels), Eddie McDonald on bass guitar (Avengers), Peter Walker on guitar (Jelly Roll Bakers) and John Worrall on vocals and flute. They released two albums on Astor Records, Rock Mass for Love (August 1971) and Momento (August 1972) and had a Perth hit with "No Dying in the Dark". Bakery appeared at the Sunbury Pop Festival in January 1973 and disbanded in early 1975.

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