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01 Ernani: "Ernani, involami"

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02 Don Carlos "Tu che le vanità"

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03 La forza del destino: "Pace, pace, mio dio"

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04 La traviata:"Ah! Fors è lui Sempre libera"

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05 Otello:"Giá nella notte densa"

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06 Otello: "Dio ti giocondi, o sposo"

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07 Otello: "Willow song and Ave Maria"

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Eleanor Steber was an American operatic soprano. Steber is noted as one of the first major opera stars to have achieved the highest success with training and a career based in the United States. Born: July 17, 1914, Wheeling, West Virginia, United States Died: October 3, 1990, Langhorne, Pennsylvania, United States Education: New England Conservatory of Music

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