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01 Wang Plao (Album Version)

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02 Roi Yim (Theory) (Album Version)

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03 Jib Diew Kor Sueng Man (Album Version)

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04 Roi Yim (Practical) (Album Version)

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Silly Fools is a Thai rock band . Their music can be described as modern rock. The band worked with Bakery Music, an independent label, and released an EP named Sampler. Origin: Bangkok, Thailand Albums: I.Q. 180, Candyman, King Size, The One : Limited Edition, Juicy, Combo, The One, Mint, FaT Live : V3 Concert, EP. Sampler Members: Benjamin Jung Tuffnell, Jakarint Juprasert, More Lead singers: Benjamin Jung Tuffnell (2006–), Natapol Puthpawana (1996–2006) Record labels: RS Public Company Limited, Bakery Music, GMM Grammy Songs