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01 Raga:Todi

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02 Raga:Mishra Kir

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03 Raga:Rageshree

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04 Raga:Kedar

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05 Raga:Kalindaj

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06 Raga:Leelavati

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07 Raga:Mishra Bha

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Begum Parveen Sultana (Assamese: বেগম পাৰৱীন চুলতানা) (born 10 July 1950) is an Assamese Hindustani classical singer of the Patiala Gharana.[1] She is among the foremost classical vocalists in India and is known as Queen of Classical Vocal. She was conferred the Padmashri in 1976, at the age of 25.

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