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Lina Rafn Sørensen (born 12 August 1976 in Copenhagen, Denmark), known professionally as Lina Rafn is a Danish female singer, songwriter and producer active in the band Infernal.[1] Additionally, she is a former VJ on the Danish music video channel The Voice TV Danmark, presenting various charts. Lina Rafn was a professional dancer from a very early age. She had her professional singing debut in 1997 with the founding of Infernal with Paw Lagermann and Søren Haahr. Infernal's debut single, "Sorti de L'enfer" was an instrumental dance-track. From there on, she gained worldwide fame and recognition for her work. She is noted for her strong vocals and, along with Paw, created the hit "From Paris to Berlin". With the name of the band Infernal, she has released four albums and has sold millions of copies to date. Her vocal trademark is a growl before hitting a high note. Lina has also recordings under the name Paw & Lina with fellow Infernal member Paw Lagermann. Lina also recorded a track with Green Court called "Silent Heart". Lina was a judge in the first and second season of the Danish X Factor alongside Thomas Blachman and Remee. Lina and Remee will return for series 7 in 2014, replacing Ida Corr and Anne Linnet.