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01 Explode

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02 I Tried It

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03 Wonderful

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04 Slowly

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05 Sleep All Day

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06 Alive

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07 Stand Still

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08 Sink Like A Stone

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09 Diving Bell

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10 Pillars

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Grace were a 1990s dance music act, consisting of DJs Paul Oakenfold and Steve Osborne and jazz singer Dominique Atkins. Atkins provided backing vocals to the group's biggest hit "Not Over Yet", with lead vocals by Patti Low, though following this Atkins took the lead vocal role in the act becoming the face of Grace. Atkins recorded her own vocals for Not Over Yet which were used for the group's only album "If I Could Fly"

The band was initially named "State of Grace" but it later turned into Grace.In existence from 1994 to 1997, the band existed mainly to showcase Oakenfold and Osbornes DJing talents. During this timeframe, they had seven Top 40 hits, most notably the dance anthem "Not Over Yet", which peaked at #6 in the UK Singles Chart, and topped the Hot Dance Music/Club Play chart in the US. The 1995 track "I Want To Live" (UK #30) which was a cover of the song by Gavin Friday (also covered by Naomi Campbell) featured "Not Over Yet" lead singer Patti Low on backing vocals. Further singles by Grace were "Skin on Skin" (UK #21), "Down to Earth" (UK #20), "If I Could Fly" (UK #29), "Hand in Hand" (UK #38) and a re-release/double A-side of "You're Not Mine" / "Down to Earth" (UK #29). The group released an album entitled "If I Could Fly" though this did not chart.

The group was dissolved in 1997, when Oakenfold was touring as a performance DJ more frequently and could not commit to recording.

The group were on Perfecto Records.

In 1999, "Not Over Yet" was remixed by Planet Perfecto (another Oakenfold pseudonym) and featured re-recorded vocals. It again reached the UK Top 20, peaking at number 16.

In 2007, "Not Over Yet" was reworked by the band Klaxons, and renamed "It's Not Over Yet", for their album Myths of the Near Future.