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01 First To Go

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02 A Dream, A Murder And A Trip Out Of Town

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03 Better Living Through Chemistry

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04 Make Believe

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05 The Waltz

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06 Skin & Bones

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07 Put The Lights Out

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08 Ropes Out Of Sheets

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09 Actor / Actress

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10 "Let's Make This Into A Movie!"

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Fear of Music were a four-piece indie/alternative band from ManchesterEngland. They formed in 2001 as a threesome consisting of Jo Rose (vocals/guitar), Ali Esmaail (bass) and Chris Stanley (drums). Mike Ward joined the band in 2003 as an additional guitarist after being introduced to the other two members by Rose. They were named after an album by Talking Heads.

They signed to Sony-BMG in 2005 and were managed by Nettwerk Management. Their 2006 release, entitledFast.Faster.Fastest. EP, was produced by John Leckie. In February 2007, the band released the We Are Not The Enemy EP, produced by Dimitri Tikovoi.

In May 2007, they toured with Manic Street Preachers for six dates.

In September 2007 Stanley left the band, remaining on good terms with the band, and was replaced by new drummer, Rick Morgan. Throughout mid 2007 the band worked on their debut albumActor/Actress with Tikovoi. The album, supported by the single, 'First To Go' was never physically released, as in July 2008 it was revealed that the band had been dropped from Sony-BMG.

On 14 October 2008, the band announced on their MySpace page that they were disbanding.

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