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01 Semper

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02 Her Comforting Touch

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03 Young Hearts Of Summer

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04 Dandelion

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05 My Childhood Friend

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06 A Late Farewell

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07 The All-Clear

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- a post-rock band from Sweden who make music about love, dreams and warm nights.

People say: 

"What “About Everything And More” has is so brilliant and so vague that it could easily go unnoticed. Dorena found a way to effortlessly transfer emotional experience into method of playing music – instead of playing music they play with expressions, unforgetful joys, young loves etc. We can only stare and marvel, and share the news." 
- Corezine (9/10) 

"Dorena’s sophomore album "About Everything and More" has all of the post rock staples, including the pre-requisite atmospheric build-ups and changing song tempos. Yet there is something different about this record that trumps the casual instrumental band formula. Dorena has the ability to infuse subtle experimentation, which doesn’t sound overdone or contrite, into their music." 
- Decoy Music (4.5/5) 

"Dorena has put out a smooth flowing album of unorthodox post-rock stylings that succeed in breaking the mold that many of their peers so truthfully follow. Their synthpop and indie rock influences mesh with their ambient foundations to create a forward-thinking and fascinating collection of songs." 
- StereoKiller (5/5) 

"There’s some impressive post-rock blasting out of Deep Elm’s communal speakers right now, Gothenburg’s Dorena being one of the best examples of which. In many ways About Everything And More is a straightforward example of the genre, with its rich atmospheres and progressive song structures, but it also has a notably more poppy and playful electronic side. This might explain how the quintet seem to possess that evocative ingredient that propels their music from the background into something that’s hard not to nod along engrossed by – or at least smile whimsically at." 
- In Forty