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01 Absentee

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02 24

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03 We Almost Had A Baby

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04 The Easter Parade

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05 Dylan

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06 On The Museum Island

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07 War

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08 First Love

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09 MIA

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10 The Easter Parade 2

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Emma-Lee Moss (born c. 1984), known by her stage name Emmy the Great, is a London-based singer-songwriter. She has released two albums, First Love and Virtue.

Moss was born in Hong Kong to an English father and a Chinese mother. Being into music from a young age, she would take the train to her nearest Tower Records so that she could buy the only non-Chinese music they had and, as a result, she got into bands such as WeezerThe Smashing Pumpkins and The Lemonheads. While in Hong Kong, she attended primary school in Kowloon. She emigrated with her family to London at the age of 12 and grew up in the English Shires - at one point living in a canal boat in Oxford.

Talking about how her surroundings in England had affected her song writing, she claimed that, "All my songs are based in the English countryside, I never write about London because it doesn't inspire me. I like being here because I meet lots of people, but my heart is in the country. I want to be like Beatrix Potter and move to theLake District to live with books and plants."

She attended the Michael Hall Rudolf Steiner School in West Sussex.

Emma is dating Tim Wheeler of the band Ash.

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