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01 Stay With Me

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02 That's My Name高清MV

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03 Delight

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04 Lacrimi (Feat. Alexa)

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05 Umbrela Ta

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06 True Believer

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07 Run Away

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08 Vreau Sa Fiu Cu Tine Pana In Zori

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09 Lovers Cry

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10 Next To Me

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kcent is a Romanian dance-pop act.

Adrian Claudiu Sână started the group in 1999. At the time, it consisted of him and his female counterpart, Ramona Barta.

Akcent's single "Kylie" has risen to the top of several European music charts. "Kylie" also became a moderate hit in North America, charting well on the Hot Dance Singles Sales chart. Their debut Romanian album In culori was released in Romania on 10 January 2002, it included the hit single "Ti-am promis".

Their English debut album French Kiss with Kylie was released in Europe on 23 August 2006, it included their 2 European smash hits: "Kylie" and "Jokero". Their song French kiss (the English version of 9 mai) is a cover of "Extemporal la dirigentie" by Stela Enache (a Romanian singer that was highly acclaimed in the 80s and whose song "Ani de Liceu" with her husband is still a hit among teenagers).

In 2007, "King of disco" and "Red bikini" from the album, "King of Disco" became popular.

In April 2008 Marius Nedelcu left the band. Soon after Marius left, the three boys called in Corneliu Ulici, a former member of another Romanian group called Bliss. However, in September 2009, after 9 months, Corneliu Ulici left the band to dedicate his time to his acting career.

In 2008 Edward Maya was signed to produce Akcent's album: 'Fara Lacrimi' (No Tears) The international music hits: 'Stay With Me' , 'That's My Name' and Lover's Cry' were all under Edward Maya's brand / signature.

In 2009 the band released a new album, Fara Lacrimi. Two songs from the album, "Stay With Me" and "That's My Name," have become massive hits on radio stations in Romania as well as in number of other countries including: Greece, Armenia, Russia, Poland, Turkey, Croatia, Slovenia, Hungary, Serbia, Lithuania, Bulgaria, Egypt, Lebanon , Ukraine, Pakistan , India, Tunisia, Azerbaijan, Jordan, Albania, Bangladesh, Brazil,Saudi Arabia, Iran, Syria, UAE and The Sultanate of Oman.