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01 Let Me Go

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02 Dangerous

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03 Rock with My Band

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04 Sucker for Love

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05 Raging Storm

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06 Satellite

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07 Down to the Fire

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08 One Step at a Time

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09 Every Minute, Every Second

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10 It Kills Me

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Deep Insight的个人档案


Deep Insight was formed in early 2002 by childhood friends Jukka (vocals) and Johannes (guitar). They were later joined by Miska (bass) and Ville (drums). Their music is a mixture of American and emo rock, with Scandinavian influences As of 2008 they had played more than 400 shows in 20 countries. The single Hurricane Season reached number one on theFinnish Singles Chart in 2005, retaining its position for six weeks.

The band's first release, Julia EP was a theme record focused around the life and death of Julia, a character created by Jukka and Johannes. It gained many good reviews, most of them praising the young band's promising song writing and Jukka's exceptional voice.

In 2003 the band recorded their debut albumIvory Tower at Soundtrack Studios in Helsinki. Kaj was replaced by Miska on bass. The album was released in May and the band started their first European tour.

Their second album Red Lights, White Lines was recorded and mixed between June and July 2004 in Facination Street Studio inÖrebro, under producers Jens Borgen and Jonas Olsson. The album was mastered at cutting room in Stockholm by Thomas EbergerRed Lights, White Lines was released in Finland and Italy in 2004 and later in GermanySwitzerlandAustriaPortugal and Japan in 2005. By the summer of 2005 the album was sold out and re-released in the same fall with new cover art work.

Their third album One Minute Too Late was released in Finland on 18 October 2006. Miska left the band and was replaced by Jore. The album's debut single New Day was released on 20 September 2006 and on its second week reached number 1 on Finland's YleX mos

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