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01 All Together Now

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02 Twin Six

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03 Not Enough

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04 Down Street

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05 C'Mon

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06 Battle Lines

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07 The Way of the World

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08 Next in Line

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09 Common Ground

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10 When I'm Gone

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The GoStation is a five-person American indie-rock band from New York City. Their first release, Quiet Zone, was a 5-song EP released on July 2nd, 2005.

The members are: Doug Levy (vocals), Matt Friedlander (guitars, vocals), Nick Picozzi (bass guitar), Erik Nyquist (guitars, vocals) and Vin Russoniello (drums).

Singer Doug Levy and guitarist Matt Friedlander met while the latter was a student at New York University. The two had similar tastes in music and favorite bands. Groups such as OasisThe VerveDoves and The Stone Roses were shared favorites, and inspire much of The GoStation's music still.[citation needed]

The two began writing songs together and joined with original drummer Joel Frost (whom Friedlander knew from a band they were previously in together, The Stamps). Nick Picozzi followed shortly after, along with original rhythm guitar player Alex Koch (who now fronts his own band, The Walkup).

Koch eventually left the band and The GoStation continued as a quartet.

Original drummer Joel Frost left the band in late 2005. The GoStation brought in new drummer Justin Aaronson (formerly of Surefire) and Erik Nyquist on rhythm guitar. In 2007, Justin Aaronson left the band being replaced by new drummer Vin Russoniello.

The then-quintet began playing concerts in and around their native Lower East Side in the summer of 2003. Their first show was at one of New York's most prestigious rock clubs, The Knitting Factory. Their first release, Quiet Zone, was a 5-song EP released on July 2, 2005 on Edge Delay Records. The band marked the occasion by performing at Tiswas in New York City, a Britpop/mod-themed night at local club Don Hill's

The band's debut album, Passion Before Function was released on September 25, 2007 in the U.S. through Edge Delay Records. It was also released in Japan on July 18, 2007, through Fabtone Records.