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01 Si Totusi

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02 If You Feel My Love

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03 Da

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04 Fac Ce Vreau

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05 Nu Suporti

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06 Poate Mu Vrezi In Tine

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07 Respir Incet

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08 Sar

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09 Tu

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10 You're Like

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Blaxy Girls are a Romanian teenagers pop rock girl-band.

The group's first single, "If You Feel My Love" became quickly very popular in Romania.The second great hit is called "Dear Mama". The clip was internationally released in the beginning of March, as a present for the women and mothers all around the world. The first album of the group was released in December 2008. They appeared in the semifinals of the 2008 Golden Stag Festival and were among the finalists for the 2009 Romanian Eurovision Song Contest, with the song Dear Mama finishing in a tie for second place.

They planned to compete in the national selection of Romania for the Eurovision Song Contest 2010 with the song"Save The World" but later withdrew.

On the 2008 Golden Stag Festival, Blaxy Girls release a mixed edition of "If You Feel My Love". It is a special combined pop, R&B and Peking Opera style, English and Chinese language.This song is also highly recommended by Chinese music fans.

In late 2010 was announced that Blaxy Girls had passed the Eurovision Song Contest 2011 Romanian pre-selection and they are to compete in the National Final, held on New Year's eve, with their entry "It's So Fine".

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