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01 This Fantasy

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02 Move On

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03 Lose It All

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04 DLD

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05 Arm Yourself

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06 Control

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07 No Way Out

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08 Wasted

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09 Where We All Belong

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10 Grand Disaster

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Bulletproof Messenger is a rock band from Long IslandNY.

By this time, V. Martin had shipped to Fort Rucker, AL for Army flight training. Litwin and V. Martin had always been the writing team for the band. This, as well as the introduction of 2 new members caused a change in the writing structure for the new album Arm Yourself.

In March 2008, Litwin and Downing flew to Fort Rucker, AL for a week to work on the tracks for the new album. However, like before, most of the tracks were written collaboratively by sending parts back and forth over the internet to all the members. Frequently, Klavan and Litwin joined to write and record vocals for many of the tracks while Klavan tracked the remainder at home, sending the recorded tracks to the group for review. Upon V. Martin’s return from flight school the group finished their writing process and chose the songs for the album.

Over the months after reaching the Sellaband $50,000 target the group had begun talks with Sellaband for potential producers and studios. Initially an agreement was reached with Ron Saint Germain (311, Creed, Muse), and began sending tracks and comments back and forth. Unfortunately due to contract issues the agreement fell through. Because of this and knowing the success of the recording and production process of the band's first album it was decided the group would self-produce the record and like The Crucial Line, would record the album at home before recording anything in the studio.

In October 2008 the band began the official tracking of Arm Yourself at “The Cutting Room” in NYC. This album was self-produced and mixed by Anthony "Rocky" Gallo. Tracking was completed in early December 2008 and mastered a week later by Howie Weinberg at Masterdisk in New York, NY. Arm Yourself was released in January 2009.

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