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01 Simple Twist Of Fate

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02 Long After Midnight

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03 Twice Upon A Time

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04 One Last Wish

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05 Where The Dreamers Go

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Joshua Schiffman grew up in northern Indiana along the outskirts of Chicago. He was raised in a warm, supportive, and positive family that taught him the importance of a dream. Being inspired by love songs and fairytales, Joshua followed his heart and headed off to college with the intention of becoming an actor. While attending Greenville college, he became inspired by his friends band, "Augustana," to write and play music. Joshua's passion for music continued to grow so strongly that he eventually found himself directing his focus completely on music.

Joshua recorded his first demo in Nashville, TN with Jon King and Josiah Rosen. This demo sparked the interest of a Nashville producer which led Joshua to pack his bags and move to Music City. There, he tracked his follow-up EP, "Hearts And Stars," and started playing local shows. Word began to spread about his unique, heartfelt, live performances. This lead to packed out shows at well known venues such as "Exit/In," "The Rutledge," and "Hard Rock Cafe."

Toward the end of 2009, Joshua took some much needed time away from the studio and stage to rediscover his roots and first inspiration; love songs and fairytales. Without hesitation, he began writing songs for his latest EP, "Long After Midnight," which was independently released February 2nd, 2010.

Due to the success of "Long After Midnight," Joshua has made plans to release a new EP titled, "Kings And Queens." The EP is planned to be released October 4th, 2011.