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Imelda May 出生于1974年7月10日,是来自爱尔兰都柏林的一名女歌手,精通山村摇滚音乐,创建了一个关于她的报道和自创歌曲的节目。2003年,Imelda以婚前的名字发行了专辑"No Turning Back",此后,该专辑又在她婚后,被以现用的名字再次发行。Imelda已经与Alison Moyet,Dionne Warwick,Bryan Ferry, Anastasia, The Supremes, Sister Sledge, Scissor Sisters, Matt Bianco, Elvis Costello, Jools Holland and Elton John共同分享多姿的舞台,开始了自己的舞台生涯。作为一名歌手,她在麦克桑切斯七节节奏和布鲁斯乐队上花费了四年的时间。 Born in Dublin, Ireland, Imelda May is a unique vocal talent, one whose gift lies outside the normal order of pop culture time and trends. Inspired by the sounds of vocal jazz à la Billie Holiday and the sound and looks of rockabilly, May began performing with the swing outfit Blue Harlem, and released a handful of independent CDs before scoring attention in 2007 with her nomination for an award as Best Burlesque Singer as well as the release of her more official debut, Love Tattoo. The album, featuring her strong backing band comprised of players Dave Priseman, Darrel Higham, Al Gare, and Steve Rushton, was critically and commercially well received, leading to some high-profile live gigs, including hitting the road with Jools Holland.