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01 Jumping The Gun

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02 The One That Got Away

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03 Taking The Scenic Route

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04 Crying Out

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05 This Love Is Free

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06 Fireworks

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07 Coast To Coast

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08 Heart To Life

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09 Til Death

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10 Downhill

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Hyland is an American Christian rock band originating from Minneapolis, Minnesota. The band released two EPs independently before signing to Tooth & Nail Records on October 25, 2010.[1][2] Their debut album is scheduled to be released on Tooth & Nail on May 3, 2011.[3]

1 Formation (2006-2009)
2 Record deal (2010)
3 National tours (2011-present)
4 Media recognition
5 Band members
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5.2 Former members
6 Discography
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[edit] Formation (2006-2009)

Hyland formed in 2006 in Minneapolis, Minnesota as a local Christian pop rock band. Hyland gained local attention as they traveled the state of Minnesota, and eventually the United States, and performed at local clubs and various scenes, including performing at U.S. festivals (Lifest, Sonshine, etc.), and winning a music tournament at Club 3 Degrees,[4] which is decribed by the awarding organization as "nationally recognized."[5]

During that time, Hyland released their first two EPs independently. Polyphonic Telegraph No. 1 was released on July 22, 2008[6] and Quotients was released on May 13, 2009.
[edit] Record deal (2010)

On October 25, 2010, Tooth & Nail Records added Hyland to their artist roster. According to lead vocalist Jon Lewis, the band was preparing songs for their third independent release when musician/producer Aaron Sprinkle contacted the band and requested a personal pitch to Tooth & Nail. The request came following the discovery of the band by Sprinkle after one of his interns accidentally left one of Hyland's song samples on Sprinkle's computer without closing the program before leaving for the night.[7] According to Hyland's biography at MySpace, the record label was "blown away" by Hyland's live performance and strong original songs.[8]

After the signing, Aaron Sprinkle agreed to produce the band's debut album, Weights & Measures, which is scheduled to be released on May 3, 2011. The album will be mixed by JR McNeely.
[edit] National tours (2011-present)

Hyland performed on the "Overcome Tour," headlined by Fireflight and featuring After Edmund and Royal Tailor.[9][10] In May, Hyland will perform on the "Mother, May I?" Tour, with Abandon Kansas and Wavorly.[11]
[edit] Media recognition

Aside from touring, Hyland has been the subject of an interview on The Harvest Show, a show on World Harvest Television, a nationally-broadcasting channel.[12][13][14] Hyland is also in regular rotation on RadioU.[15]
[edit] Band members
[edit] Current members

Jon Lewis - lead vocals, rhythm guitar
Mitch Hansen - lead guitar
Ben Early - keys, backing vocals, additional guitar
Jaran Sorenson - bass
Steve Weigel - drums

[edit] Former members

Matt Lennander - lead guitar
Tim Neff - rhythm guitar
Lee Carter - bass