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01 Good to Be Alone高清MV

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02 Starting Line

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03 Makes Me Better

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04 26

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05 Older Now

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06 Out of Time

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07 Wheel of Your Car

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08 Make It Last

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I'm Tom, I wrote my own bio for you (No third-person jazz). I'm from Philly which is always nice to say and I play music which I hope you can tell. I don't use Twitter (though I might at some point) I also don't use Digg or the mountain of other things, i do use facebook this myspace and my own website so... if your looking for info those are the places to go.

I put out an album called "Before You Came Around" that I'm promoting and playing out these days. I got to work with some really amazing people on that project.

WARREN HUART: Producer (also co-wrote a few tunes)
JAY CLIFFORD: Guitar/ Piano (also co-wrote a few tunes)
DAN ROTHCHILD: Co-Producer/ Bass

Check everything out and let me know what you think. Cheers, Tom

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