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01 Home

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02 Traveler

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03 Upside Down

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04 Jaleah

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05 Little Town

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06 Down To The River

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07 Dive

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08 Ride

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09 Undone (feat. Dan Haseltine)

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10 More of You

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Lainey Wright的个人档案


At age 16, Lainey Wright had a definite plan on how to spend her summer vacation. She took 10 original songs to a small recording studio in Mason, Texas and with the help of friends and family, including some professional musicians, she had her first CD in hand six months later. It was called “Count It Joy”. It was fresh, organic and honest and she shared it in coffee houses, churches and other venues all across Texas.

Now, just shy of turning 20, Lainey is still making music. After moving to Austin last fall, she spent the year playing and writing new music for her next project, under the management of Greg Carnes. She opened shows for Leeland, Brandon Heath, and Francesa Battiselli, Newworldson and J.J. Heller. She played a festival with headliners Jars of Clay and Stephen Curtis Chapman. She recently made her Nashville Debut at “The Dog and Pony Show” artist showcase, where she took to the stage with former Newsboy Paul Colman, who is producing her current project.

“My manager, Greg Carnes, had the idea that Paul would be a perfect fit to produce our current project,” Lainey says. “This idea could not have been more spot on. Paul brings so much energy to my music, and could not be more enthusiastic and encouraging.”

After sessions of co-writing and arranging earlier this spring, Lainey is currently traveling between Texas and Tennessee, recording with Paul at his studio in Franklin. “The record-making has been and continues to be such an enriching and growing process. It’s a given that Paul Colman has the ability to make my music the best it can be. But more than that, he has a heart to see me grow as an artist. Paul Colman is the man, just sayin’.”

Look for the release of Lainey’s new record in Fall 2010. As always, her prayer is that you will hear Him in the music.

"Count It Joy" is currently available at Fuel Coffee House in Llano, Texas,

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