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01 As for Me and My House

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02 The Jesus I Need

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03 The Marriage Prayer

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04 Our God Reigns Here

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05 Yes

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06 Because God Is Good

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07 Somebody Else’s Story

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08 Count It All

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09 Man of the Valley

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10 Fallen

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John Waller (born December 12, 1970) is an American Contemporary Christian musician, a singer-songwriter.

Early life

John was the lead singer for the late-1990s band According to John. After the band quit in 2001, he became a worship leader at South Link CPP (Free Methodist Church) in Colorado.[1]
[edit] Career
[edit] 2007-2009: The Blessing & While I'm Waiting

He is now signed to the Christian label Beach Street Records and has released his debut album The Blessing in March 2007.[2] His single "While I'm Waiting" became an American Christian radio hit after appearing in the movie Fireproof.[3]
[edit] 2011: As For Me and My House

John has completed his third studio album As For Me and My House, set for release on May 3, 2011. The new project features 11 tracks including the title track "As For Me and My House".

The album is produced by Jason Hoard and is his first release on City of Peace Records.

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