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01 We Own The Night

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02 Money Makes the Girl Go Round

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03 Push It (feat. Yelawolf)高清MV

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04 Valentine

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05 Summer Boy

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06 Push It (Dirty Freqs Dancefloor Remix)高清MV

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Jessie and the Toy Boys is the solo project of Jessie Malakouti. She is an American singer-songwriter, actress and dancer.
Jessie Malakouti began her professional performing career as a dancer at a young age working the Hollywood audition circuit. She appeared in several music videos and commercials through out her early teens. In 2006 Malakouti began writing songs and performing live in sweaty dives along the Sunset Strip with her all girl So-Cal rock/rap band called Shut Up Stella and soon after signed with Epic Records.

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