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01 On My Way Back Home

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02 No Protection

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03 Same Thing

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04 Change of Perspective

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05 Big Love

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06 Lighthouse Hill

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07 In The Name Of Love

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08 Just Business

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09 Angel

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10 Free My Soul

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Phil Soussan (born June 23, 1961 in London, England) is a bass guitarist, songwriter and producer who has gained notoriety as a member of a host of famed rock and roll bands, including some who have been fronted by such vocalists as Ozzy Osbourne, Billy Idol, Vince Neil, Johnny Hallyday and John Waite, as well as a membership in Beggars & Thieves. Soussan has also played in bands featuring Jimmy Page, Steve Lukather, Edgar Winter and Richie Kotzen.

With Ozzy Osbourne, he played on the album The Ultimate Sin and co-wrote the hit single "Shot in the Dark".

Soussan initially played with Vince Neil in the band Black Rain, followed by a demo tape to promote the Vince Neil Band, co-writing some of the songs on the Vince Neil Band's first official album Exposed.[citation needed]

As a songwriter he has contributed to all of the bands that he has been with, most notably writing Exposed, the first solo album for Vince Neil, the Luke album for Steve Lukather and "After You're Gone" the opening track to Mindfields the album from Toto. This latter track was nominated for a Grammy Award.[citation needed]

Recently he has also been a producer and mixer and has worked on projects by Dokken, Jani Lane, Toto and Blues Traveler.

In 2006, he released his highly acclaimed debut solo album entitled Vibrate featuring him singing and playing guitar and bass on original material.[citation needed] He is currently a member of the supergroup "Big Noize" featuring alongside singer Joe Lynn Turner, guitarist Carlos Cavazo, and drummer Vinny Appice. Cavazo and Soussan previously played together in the band Black Plague. He has just released his latest solo album entitled "No Protection" and is signed to Favored Nations Records

Soussan is also serving as Vice President of the Grammy Awards also known as NARAS, in the Los Angeles chapter.

After performing together at the "Giving 2010" benefit event on May 3, 2010,[1] Soussan formed the cover band "Carnival of Dogs" with Matt Sorum (Velvet Revolver, Camp Freddy, formerly of Guns N' Roses and The Cult), Franky Perez (Solo, Scars on Broadway, DKFXP) and Tracii Guns (L.A. Guns, formerly of Brides of Destruction).[2]